Communicate easily with other doctors working in the field.

An online community of medical professionals worldwide who seek or wish to offer advice on medical cases.

Remote Medical Help

Every medical field. Remote MediHelp gathers professionals from all medical specialties who want to offer their advice and those who treat complex cases to find the best therapeutic solution for your patients.

Worldwide. You might be a doctor in a developed country or in the jungle. You might be the only person who can help a patient with a complex pathology or just want an opinion which would confirm you a diagnostic suspicion.

Easy to use. Post your case anonymously, and just add as many details as you can: you can add pictures, movies, PDFs or any other file from electronic devices.

Fast responses. When you submit a case all the doctors who are following the specialties that you checked will be notified.

Multiple opinions. Several advice on a case usually means a greater likelihood for the patient to receive the best treatment.

Forever free. We will never ask you to pay for this service. Remote MediHelp is built to assist doctors and hopefully save lives.

Verified doctors. We strive to verify the authenticity of each medic. Be sure that the advice you get is from a colleague with expertise in the field.

Give back. You can also help others giving advice for their cases. Your experience might prove really helpful.

Mobile ready. Our platform can be used on any device with an internet connection, and there is no need to download or install anything.


What other doctors say about Remote MediHelp

Dr. Georgiana Nicolae, pediatrician I was waiting for a community like this for a long time. Remote MediHelp is very useful for doctors.

Dr. Roland Hermann, dentist "Kongola, Namibia: Elderly man (70) came to the dental clinic with high BP: 250/120 on a very hot day. Without the advice received through Remote MediHelp his life may have been at risk. Added to all this, his blood sugar was high and the ECG was showing abnormalities as well. Receiving advice in the middle of nowhere is always welcome, Remote MediHelp is welcome!"

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